Comic Overview
Vision Haze is a scifi webcomic with paranormal elements and anthro characters. The story follows Dan, a wolf guy and slacker, who has become partially possessed by Haze, a hapless demonic spirit girl. Dan must find a way to get her out of his head. It's not all bad, though, as there can be fringe benefits to being partially possessed.

The comic takes place in Azere. An Earthlike planet/moon, with a Pangea-like supercontinent, orbiting a ringed gas giant. The zazziest of settings. UwU

It's a world of terrible climate and large, monstrous creatures. As such, population can be somewhat sparse (depending on the local fauna) yet dense in population centers. Fortunatelly, it's not just evidently the 70s/80s but also the future and technology has made life pretty dang liveable.

More specifically, the comic begins in the country of Viazny.

It is kinda small and basically bankrupt. Although the official language is Russian (in relation to you, the reader), most people speak or at-least understand English.

Civilization is composed of three races of anthropomorphic animals.

The Canines, who are commonplace in the wealthier, more developed parts of the world. Felines, who tend to be a minority population save for in the far edges of the world where they adapt the most easily. Lastly, there's Bunny Buns, who have the largest overall global population and are at the forefront of the world's industrial production and technological development.

Tidbits About The Cast
CLASS: Gunslinger, Hacker
JOB: Occasional Clerk, Bounty Hunter, or Body Guard
AGE: Late 20s
RACE: Wolf
BACKGROUND: Probably shooty
MENTAL VOICE USED WHEN WRITING HIS LINES: Generic American. Maybe a teensy bit New Englandy.

Dan is generally laid back, content with being lazy. However, when money problems arise, he prefers to take on quick, high pay-high risk jobs that usually involve shooting people. He is extremely skilled at those since he coasts on vh¨¸¡9§Lôxe¸z+¥41„&ÂØ(—j^b1™WR”ÊÛ‹©Ö}2?•

CLASS: Spirit, Demon, Hallucination, Hacker
JOB: Unemployed
AGE: Looks young enough
RACE: Biyokant or 'Extradimensional Horned Demon Thing'
SEXUALITY: Completely irrelevant to the story
MENTAL VOICE USED WHEN WRITING HER LINES: Like an irritated Claudia Black or something.

Haze is the demonic spirit currently possessing (Hacking?) Dan, whom which she PmÖSµ¹(}ÇæmÃÍÁ²„J!g< She lives in a form of limbo, unable to escape Dan's view and annoy the crap out of him.

CLASS: Ranger, Hacker
JOB: Store Owner
AGE: Early 30s
FAVORED SKILLS: Gun Nut, Entrepeneur I, Entrepeneur II
NATURE OF HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH DAN: Platonic, you silly motherfucker you :>
MENTAL VOICE USED WHEN WRITING HIS LINES: Whatever voice you formulate by looking at him, please give it a Russian accent.

Steve owns a gun shop and allows his bestie Dan pool their earnings to try and maintain the shop/house and Steve's expensive medicine. What else is there to say? He has glasses so he's clearly the hacker of the group.

CLASS: Pilot, Hacker
JOB: "College Student"
AGE: Early 20s
ZAZZ FORM: 80s Rocker
FAVORITE SHIP: Relationship
MENTAL VOICE USED WHEN WRITING HER LINES: American despite ESL because she grew up with western media.

Vivi is Steve's younger sister who visits ocasionally. I'm told she is wife but, seeing as how she has bonzi buddy on her computer, I'd say she's a hacker.

CLASS: Rogue
JOB: Information Broker
AGE: Late 20s
RACE: Coyote
ZAZZ FORM: Skater/Streets
SMELL: Good, Not stinky
MENTAL VOICE USED WHEN WRITING HER LINES: Like Free Dominguez but with canadian accent. The "aboot" one, not the French one.

Shelia Pepperyotes is some random girl that hires Dan to protect her. I'm not writing her out because you liked Vivi more.

About Us
Vision Haze is created by me, Yttrium. It's based on the true story of how it happened to me. Moreso, it's done to materialize certain thoughts and vibes in my head. Honestly, I'm mostly concerned with it being fun, funny and entertaining, to myself making it specially, than I am with writing something like good or insightful; I'm not interested in preaching a moral lesson (Do NOT use this comic as a moral compass) nor in purposely making allusions to contemporary American politics outside any inherently univeral issue that crops up when writing about anything at all. On that subject, I don't like drawing fanservice aside from characters being cute and smoochable. That said, if it's something you like, then that's cool and I'm happe someone else feels it too. If the comic has a absurdness about it, well then it might be because I'm a cat and and

People Contributing
Yttrium - Art, Writing, Bad Russian, Design, Etc.
Whaky - Good Russian, Additional Design (specially vehicles).
Yorick - Additional Good Russian and Zazz integration.
Kimo - Help coding website in the early days.
Mandag - Gremmor.
Dooske - Zazz consulting.
All Frens - Ideas and cool influence and happy.

Want to ask a question? Want to send art/rule34s? Want to complain about Sheila?
You can contact me at [email protected].

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VISION HAZE belongs to 'Yttrium', of Zazzmew, for a really long, really legal time.

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