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The comic officially updates at random but I do try to update it as fast as I can draw it. My current work process is doing a set of four pages over the course of two weeks, then releasing a page on Wednesdays and Sundays. That's a target of two pages a week. Occasionally life happens and I won't have a page ready in one of the release days but what can ya do? Anyways, to get notified of pages as they get released, you have the following options:

Feed Link

Yeah, RSS is boomer tech. The internet largely phased out RSS support since every corporation ever wants you inside their sanitized, ad-filled, spyware environment. However, smaller independent websites such as this still support it. Consider using an RSS feed reader on your phone to have a centralized, customizeable notification push system for all your favorite comics that support it. All three comics.

If you use Android, and you'd like a fully free, open-source RSS reader, consider something like Feeder. If you use iOS, good fucking luck finding anything that doesnt require a subscription, let alone be open-source.

Automated Update Notifications Socials
Watch any of these accounts to receive an update post. They run on Postybirb. Note: Should any stop working with Postybirb, they will no longer be used.
Fur Affinity

News regarding myself and my activities in general are posted on TwitterX or my personal (NSFW) Furaffinity account. There's alternative socials in my FA bio that run on postybirb, if you rather use those.
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