Supporting My Webcomic
The comic is just done for fun as a passion project. As such, it is 100% free for your enjoyment. I currently have no plans to try and "make a living" off the comic; I'm no businessman. If you wish to support this comic or just go out of your way to show your appreciation for it, I do accept regular ol' Patreon tipjar sponsoring or Paypal donations. Any bit of money you send our way is super nice, helps pay for the website, amongst other things, and I will be very grateful for it. I'll probably add some fun stuff for supporters in the future.

Additionally consider voting for VH in TWC! :>

Webcomic Homies
Here some webcomics or webcomic communities I'd like to give a shout-out to. They may be very different or (almost certainly) higher effort than mine but I just like 'em. You might too. :>

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