Terms of Use
Feel free to do any kind of derivative work you want of Vision Haze and its characters (This includes edits, Rule34s of any kind {even brutal, extreme, out of character stuff}, fanfiction, etc.), and post wherever you want if it allows it, so long as it satisfies the following conditions:

1. Do not claim the IP as your own.

2. Do not repost/reprint the pages themselves on other websites with the intention of corralling readers into reading the comic there instead of here. Sharing with friends or in chatrooms/forums is fine.

3. Do not repost official/non-derivative art on other websites intended to showcase one's own art. Art image boards, such as e621, are fine but please post correct sources and tag correctly.

4. Please attribute us whenever possible when making/posting fan content.

5. Do not mislead people into thinking a derivative work is official, canon art.

6. Making references to VH or having cameo VH characters within other works, even if they make money, is fine so long as it's just references or cameos and not substantial cross-overs.

7. Thinly veiled, obvious, unquestionable rip-offs will be treated as uncrediting derivative work (e.g. What Project2nd was to Twokinds).

8. For the commercial production of derivative material, or the mass circulation of derivative material, you must seek my permission. An exception where you need not seek my permission (aside from the cameo/reference condition) is if you wish to commission an artist to create a derivative work of the comic. This is fine; in my eyes as an artist that has done commission work, commissioned artists are selling their skillset, not the content you ask them to draw. In such case, the rest of the conditions apply as if you yourself had created the content.

9. Individual conditions may be ignored if you have my permission to do so, but you must make it clear that you have received my permission.

Really, to summarize it all, just don't claim ownership of the IP, don't mislead people into thinking you own the IP, don't make money off the IP without permission, and be nice and attribute us when possible. Other than that, go crazy. Naturally, I have the right to stop the distribution of unofficial VH related material if I decide it does not meet the conditions. If you have doubts, just ask me. You can contact me at [email protected].
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VISION HAZE belongs to 'Yttrium', of Zazzmew, for a really long, really legal time.

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